Chapter 7: Wolf (Draft)

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The story so far:

Zoey and Riley were spending a “Senior Skip Day” at the cave where their parents used to sneak away as teenagers.  The wolf watches.

The wolf kept his distance, occasionally sniffing the air out of habit.  It was futile, he knew. The whole damned town smelled like her.  He should have been glad for that.  It was the only reason he’d been able to cross the aether and find her in the first place.  But, now that he was here, he was stuck with guessing.

She would stand out, he knew.  He just had to be patient.  Or he could destroy the whole town, and she would come running to protect it.  That’s who she was, after all.  A hero.  His hero.

Maybe she would remember him?  He drew closer until one of the girls began singing a loud, obnoxious song.  She said it was meant to scare him off.  He bared his teeth; a smile of daggers. 

No, he wasn’t going to find her that way, then.  He had to do something more … extreme.  

He turned toward the town, padding on four feet that became two.  Comfortable fur was exchanged for a pair of jeans and a shirt, like those  he’d seen on the men in town.  He would blend in.  He was only one Wolf, so he had to be smarter than these jumped-up monkeys.

But when he had this place figured out?  He would destroy it.  Person by person, if he had to.  Building by building, until nothing was left but her.

And when he found the one who was keeping her here, locked away like some kind of animal? His eyes slid closed with eager anticipation as he imagined the sound of their screams.

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