Dale and the Puppos From DINGUSLAND

close up of black dog
Made by:
Comthefox2486 (Age 10)

Dedicated to my mom: Chris, the person who said “Yeah. Do that” when i gave her the idea.
You da best! 😀
Made with loves and kisses from my dogs:
Snickers, KitKat and Moka.


It was a day like normal. I was jumping around, and playing with my friends.  We made little jokes and giggled at them, all as the usual.

Then I said something like: “oH my god what if dogs from space came down and stuff oooo” and we laughed and laughed. 

It was getting late and we had to go to bed so I said my goodbyes and all that.

I snuggled up in bed and downstairs I hear: “pit pat pit pat

I ignored it and assumed it was just the sink but then I hear it getting louder, and louder.

And then… I heard something go up the stairs, and enter my room.

CHAPTER TWO: The puppo

It was a little black dog, long as it could be, and chonking along into my room. I got surprised. I didn’t know we got a dog.

I whispered in the quietest voice I could: “hey there puppy!”

Then I heard in a high pitched cutest little tone: “AGRRRRRRRR!

The dog growled and it made me giggle as she yipped and growled at me with her little tone,

I said: “If you are so angry how about you hop up here!”

But, then.. Uh…

CHAPTER THREE: When dogs… fly?

Now instead of being a normal dog and hopping onto me, she decided to jump, and FLOAT ONTO ME!

I (with the common sense I have) thought, “That’s not supposed to happen”

So I just tucked the dog in, and went to bed assuming its just a dream, because, dogs can’t float without external help.

So I got comfy, the dog got on my legs, and I went to bed as happy as can be.

CHAPTER FOUR: Realisation + more dogs

I woke up, the dog not in sight, and thought “MAN! That was a cool dream!”

I jumped downstairs ready to ask my parents if I could go to my friends house, and the dog was there, cuddling two other dogs. Mom and Dad came downstairs and I said “I didn’t know we got dogs!”

They looked confused and looked behind me, and their face morphed into shock. “Did you get those dogs?” they both asked each other at the same time.

They both knew the right answer. No.

They locked eyes and Dad said: “Get food! I‘ll fill a water bowl!”

Mom instantly BOLTED out the door and got into the car.

Dad sprinted past the dogs and went into the kitchen.

After around 5 minutes, Mom was home and got dog essentials. Food, Bowls, Beds, You name it, she bought it.

The dogs looked at mom and dad, and revealed that they are not just ordinary dogs by doing the weirdest thing.


They started by showing their little abilities one by one.

The small black Dachshund which we will call Snickers

 With the blink of an eye, SNAP. Invisible. Nothing else to it.

The brown dog that we’ll call KitKat

became 1 ton, actually, they became more. My mom tried to pick up the brown dog, then failed.

The black dog we’ll call Moka

Instantly became pitch black, and moved to a dark area.

Now after a few seconds, all of them ran back to where they were, and ate their food.

My parents were stunned, and just sat down. They sighed , and just sat down. They gave a look of “Well, this is happening.” to each other. Then, the dogs ran through a wall, knocking it down, revealing a room. It had a portal to a land full of dogs. My mom and dad both went: Uh, is this a dream, or am I just hallucinating or what?

They both did some stuff to test, and it was very real.

CHAPTER SIX: Wait, Dingusland?

The dogs signaled something behind me and my parents, It was some collars that had a little chip on them. We put them on the dogs and we heard the chips spit out “On”

We all got confused, until: “FINALLY! We were tired of speaking in barks!”

We were in awe.
“We really need you in here! This takes so long as dogs!”

We stood as they ran into the portal, then we walked in.

The entire place was dog beds, there were rivers made of dog food, and there were trees of treats.

The dogs said: “Come on! We don’t have all day!”

We quickly ran with the dogs, still in shock about this day so far.


The dogs took us to a giant mech made to “Protect from the cats, they raid our food sometimes.”

To be continued!


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