Aether: Chapters (Drafts)

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Act 1
Mara1st Edit: Dean says goodbye to Mara. (Hook)
Family1st Edit: Riley’s normal life. Meet the A team. (General setup)
Tillie1st Edit: Riley at work. A prank backfires. (Ethan intro)
Connor1st Edit: Connor’s will. Riley faces reality.
DeanDraft: Riley runs away, and finds Dean. (Riley catalyst/Refusal)
ZoeyDraft: Zoey drags Riley to the cave. (Debate)
Wolf1st Edit: Wolf searches for her. (Wolf intro)
Parker1st Edit: Ethan quits his job. (Ethan catalyst)
LouisDraft: Riley finds Louis; sees her shadow. (Riley debate)
Old Blue1st Edit: Zoey takes Riley home.
Heather1st Edit: Heather’s loft. Riley and Ethan chat. (Ethan debate)
DinnerDraft: News; Connor’s plan. (Ethan decision)
AetherDraft: Riley enters the aether. (Riley decision)
EscapeDraft: Riley meets Dean, and escapes the aether.
Act 2a
Field trip. Zoey’s first trial. Riley gets new wheels. The annoying ghost.
Riley tries to take her finals, but the ghost wants her to do something more important. Is she really a hero?
Zoey’s second trial. Wolf, the bluffs, and Riley’s power revealed.
Connor’s plan revealed. Ethan’s gift. Zoey attacked. Riley loses someone important.
Vandalism and Zoey’s revenge. Ethan vs Parker.
Wolf’s plan revealed. Riley and Zoey must choose sides.
MidpointZoey’s graduation. Connor and Rose take an unexpected trip.
Act 2bRiley’s father comes to visit.
Riley finds Zoey, and learns a terrible secret.
Riley confronts Dean. He comes clean about her, and the Aether.
Riley visits Ethan for encouragement. She’s overwhelmed and finds help in an unexpected place.
Act 3
Riley gathers her arsenal. To save the town, she’ll have to make a painful sacrifice.
Riley vs Wolf
Riley vs Dean
Riley the hero?

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