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The story so far:

Nothing to see here … yet.  😉

It started as a daydream.  An idea.  A feeling inside of her that begged to be made real.  She pushed it aside, distracted by the myriad demands of life.  Tenacious, it surfaced again and again until, at last, she couldn’t deny it any longer.

She pressed the tip of her pen to a napkin.  The ink pooled, then soaked outward in jagged trails as she watched, entranced.  Her fingers moved, forming a line.  An arc.  Then a kind of magic shoved her thinking mind aside and took over. 

She lost track of time.  Both idea and creator were locked in a sort of dance that always seemed about to end, but not quite.  There was always one more detail to add, one more shadow to hide in… until there wasn’t.  Finally, she sat back feeling a familiar mix of pride and exhaustion.  She nibbled at the end of her pen as she smiled down at him fondly.

And then she was gone.

The pen fell to the table, dabbing an unintended spot on her makeshift masterpiece.  The drawing’s closed eyelids twitched, then rose slowly.  Life danced in them as they stared out from their canvas for the first time, searching for his creator.  But the sky above him was empty.  The cup beside him exhausted its steam, and the pen grew cold.

He bared monochrome teeth.  He would find her, no matter where she was.  He didn’t know what she looked like, or where she had gone, but he could still feel her out there… somewhere.  One thought consumed him then, and he knew immediately that it was true:

Nothing is stronger than an idea.

What do you think?