Time to rise and shine.

Life is weird. When 2021 began I was working on a story that I really loved. Then life did what life does – it tossed a curveball that hit me square in the nose.

Since then I’ve been working early and late, often through the weekend. I’ve been swimming in the guilt and regret that comes from walking the tightrope of a working parent, like so many of you out there.

You can keep your sympathy, though. These months have poked at my mental and emotional health in ways that I never could have understood before. They have given me the seeds of stories that now, with light peering through the end of the tunnel, I am excited to explore in more depth. Absence has made this heart grow fonder for my trusty keyboard. I’m ready to pick up right where I left off.

May the universe have pity on these characters. They will need it.

What do you think?