Are we there yet?

At some point I always hit a block. The story doesn’t want to flow like it should, and I’m fighting plot holes, and all I want it to be anymore is done. I just want it out there so that The Dream can be real at last.

No, it’s not done yet. I am.

Time to take a break.

“But, but, then it will take longer to get done!”

But, mmm, is that really true? When I’m only focused on being done then the story already has one foot in the grave. That feeling of impatience is my brain trying to tell me it’s bored. If I don’t reconnect, I’m about to lose all of the time and effort I just put into the story. It will be shelved, or altogether abandoned. Again. Now that is a waste of time.

If all I can think of is the finish line, I’m not enjoying my own story… so why should I expect a reader to? They won’t be thinking about getting to the finish line with me, because they will have already moved on to someone else’s story.

So yeah, I could power through. Plenty of authors do. I choose to enjoy the journey, not just the destination. For me, that means writing something I’m actually interested in, and sometimes that takes a little more time.

What do you think?