Validation via speed.

There’s an idea out there that, to be a real writer, you have to publish X books in Y time.

Putting a book out in a month does not mean we are now Real Authors… it just means we spent a month on it. Nothing more.

Maybe I’m lucky and I manage to do that. You know what I’m not doing? Sending my one-month draft off to a publisher. I’m sure that some people are … but I know that I can’t. Writing is art, and art takes as long as it takes.

“But, it’s taking so long.” Yeah, it takes a hot minute to learn a new skill.

Guilty admission: sometimes I don’t read the manual when I buy a thing. You can tell which ones those are, because their clocks either still blink 12:00 or I fumbled my way through it and spent way more time than I would have by just reading the manual.

When we take the time to learn a new skill, or find our writer’s voice, or think about our process, then we will lose some time now to gain more back later. Our next books will go faster, and so will the ones that follow it… if we don’t convince ourselves we are failures now.

The only times we truly fail are when we have chosen to give up. Being corny does not make it a lie. For this site, at one time I called it “Journal of a Failed Author”. I thought it sounded cheeky… but it just wasn’t true. I’m still trying, just like so many people out there.

And, as long as we keep moving forward, we’re going to get there. We don’t need a stopwatch to tell us whether or not we’re any good.

What do you think?