Motivation: Do it anyway.

Sitting down to write is easy when I’m excited. The words just pour out… until they don’t. It’s like a switch is thrown. Suddenly, the idea isn’t so shiny anymore. It has pimples and stray hairs, and its eyes have started to follow me around the room.

I need to get reconnected to that story, and that excitement… but how?

Option 1: Do it anyway.

For years, I listened to people say just write anyway. There is some real wisdom in that advice. I mean, they were shelling it out from behind a pile of their own published books, so it must have worked for them.

So, I wrote anyway. Sometimes it did work, and I had those little breakthroughs. But sometimes I had a sneaking suspicion that I’d just beaten my head against a wall for so long, and damaged enough brain cells in the process, that anything would have sounded good.

In the end, I always put the story down. Something was still missing.

I think that the garbage I felt became the garbage I wrote. The pages were thrown away, and I went on hiatus feeling more defeated.

So, it’s time to explore other tactics.

What do you think?