How To Human

Lucid thoughts for troubled times.

How To Human: T-79

August 15, 2020

Don’t trust anyone who says the blame for your problems rests on the less fortunate. It’s misdirection. They don’t have the power to destroy (or fix) your life.

Don’t kick down. Punch up.

How To Human: T-80

August 14, 2020

Recognize news vs propaganda.

Propaganda tells you who the bad people are.
It tells you there is no hope unless your side wins.
It praises when you hate. Doubles down when you’re afraid.

Don’t be manipulated. Cooler heads prevail.
United we stand, divided we fall.

How To Human: T-83

August 11, 2020

Biden’s VP will probably be a black woman.

If your clever slam on her includes the words “black” or “woman” then yes, that *is* racist or sexist. Like, by definition.

Debate the platform, not the person.