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As he passed through the eye of the funnel, everything went silent. He cried her name one more time, but his lips wouldn’t shape the word. His breath was frozen in his chest.
Please, let her be safe, he thought helplessly, and then even his thoughts were still.

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The story so far: Nothing to see here … yet.  😉 It started as a daydream.  An idea.  A feeling inside of her that begged to be made real.  She pushed it aside, distracted by the myriad demands of life.  Tenacious, it surfaced again and again until, at last, she couldn’t deny it any longer.…

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Aether: Chapters (Drafts)

This page is no longer current. To see the latest news and updates, go to Thanks! Chapter Description Act 1 Mara 1st Edit: Dean says goodbye to Mara. (Hook) Family 1st Edit: Riley’s normal life. Meet the A team. (General setup) Tillie 1st Edit: Riley at work. A prank backfires. (Ethan intro) Connor 1st…