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woman holding mirror against her head in the middle of forest

A different point of view

Up front, I don’t think there’s going to be anything deep or meaningful or clever about this journal. All I feel today is raw frustration. I chose to tell Riley’s story in the first person because she is a young adult, and They ™ always say that young readers like being inside the protag’s head.…

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Chapter 14: Escape (Draft)

The story so far: This little town has lost its peaceful charm.  Louis was eaten by a shadow demon.  Now reality has shattered.  She is in a void next to a hazy dome. Shadows are closing in, but someone has just tossed her a lifeline.   I slid over the curve of the dome in jerky…

photo of shattered mirror near ladder

Chapter 13: Aether (Draft)

The story so far: Dinner was a disaster.  Ethan broke the bad news about his job, and Riley saw shadows stalking the kitchen … maybe.  Everyone has gone home, and that “later” she’s been hoping for has finally arrived. From the edge of sleep, I heard someone shout my name. My eyes popped open and…

Chapter 11: Heather (Draft)

The story so far: Riley just wanted to study.  Instead, Zoey dragged her to a cave where her parents’ initials were carved.  Ethan quit the general store.  Louis returned, only to be eaten by a shadow.  Riley defeated it, but can’t accept that reality now has monsters in it. Zoey has just brought her home.…